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Social Media - Getting to Know You

Whereas conventional media is about pushing a message out there, social media is about actually touching humans. It is also about accountability.

Before we go further, you should watch this movie. Its purpose is to convince you that the phenomena of social media is worth evaluating. Once you see this, we'll talk again.

Social Media QuickStarter can get you off to a good start. 

Social media means business

The incredible growth of social media is not surprising. People are busy but still have a desire to connect with each other and express themselves. Facebook and Twitter are examples. What IS surprising is the rise of social media for business. This is not only a huge industry for almost every kind of manufactured thing and service, it is redefining the way marketing sees itself and its audiences.

We have arrived at an age where consumers have the where-with-all to know more about your product or service than your company does. With thousands of eyes watching, the consumer can compare notes with hundreds of users and get what passes for reliable product information. In the not so distant past, the consumer browsed the Web site to get information on a product or service, similar to browsing the aisles in a brick-and-mortar store. Today, crowd sourced comparisons, reviews, and criticisms are only a site away. Often, you can find out a lot about the product before you get to the store and know far more than the sales rep. Its a new world. [more to come]


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