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Wild design? Flash? Noise? What makes a good web site?

It turns out that good, persuasive writing is the key to a successful site. They say "content is king" and that is because it holds your visitor on the site. And keeps them pushing down the page until they have gotten what they need. Blah writing -- or worse -- stilted, unimaginative writing gets old in about three seconds. Bye Bye. End the boredom with great writing that excites your reader and makes them know they are in the right place.
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Big Visuals, Few Words

I absolutely believe that the "more you tell, the more you sell," but Job One is cutting through the clutter. A key way to do that is with show-stopping illustrations and photos. These ideas are worth a thousand words. Perhaps they will inspire your inner visualist. From Guerrilla Marketing.
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HUBSPOT releases results of its 2011 inbound marketing survey.

The Hubspot, a Boston-based inbound marketing agency, has released a survey on the use and effectiveness of Social Media. The webinar, that happened on March 8, presented the findings of that survey. You can access the webinar here. This is worth a listen as inbound marketing outpaces traditional outbound media in both B2B and B2C.
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The most important elements of your website are invisible.

Search engine optimization. Scripts. Forms. Security. Oh, for sure, the design, the photos, the sounds are important, too, but your website is your most important marketing tool. Its not about personal taste. Its about what is working in the background to draw more visitors, convert more customers, and be your 24x7 marketing presence. These elements are not visible to your visitor. But they are the most important to your sales. Bizville can show you how to increase your traffic and grow your business.
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Five key mistakes exhibitors make

Love 'em or hate 'em, trade shows are often a productive option for small business—especially for the introduction of new products and services. Besides making sales, its an opportunity to get demonstrate your wares, get some real world feedback, and see what others are doing. Here some tips on getting the most from your investment.
post image Training and Orientation

Well, yes, is inuitive and easy to use. If you didn't already have a full-time job. Part of effective CRM is getting everyone on board quickly. We can help you get going fast with training and customization.